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Multifunction breath analyzer


martiniIt's great to go out the evening and have a drink with friends, but what that is important is to do it avoiding the lose of the driving license and, first of all, not risking our own and others personal safety .

In Italy, in order to drive safety, and to not risk the driving license suspension, it's necessary that the blood alcool level value doesn't exceed 0,5 grammes per litre.

Then it could be usefull, even providential, before it is done by the Police on the road, measuring by ourselves the alcool level.

Here is a very usefull and practical MULTIFUNCTION ALCOOL TESTER personalized by Automobile Club Verona: breath analyzer, key holder and emergency led lamp.

Its reduced dimensions consent to keep it easily in the pocket or in the handbag. It works with two batteries type AAA alcaline (not included).


etilometro-aciThe result of the test is shown thanks to three leds: green, that means that the alcool level is inferior to 0,2 g/l and that you can peacefully drive; yellow, that means that the level exceeds 0,2 g/l but is still inferior to 0,5 g/l, and even is better that you wait a while before driving; red, that means that alcool level exceeds the threshold of 0,5 g/l, and then you can't drive.

Dimensions: cm 7 x cm 4 x cm 2



It is possible to buy the alcool tester at € 10,00.

Special price for ACI members € 8,00.


You can buy the breath analyzer directly at Automobile Club Verona building, at via della Valverde 34 in Verona, or order it on line,   filling in the order form; shipment will be carried out by courier with cash payment at the consignment. Freight charge is € 9,00.


In case of purchasing of more of 30 pieces, ask for a discount or a  personalized quotation. 


For any information contact us at 045 8031487 or write at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it









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