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The midterm renting of Automobile Club Verona

 car renting

The midterm renting, service offered by Automobile Club Verona, is an "ibrid" form of car rental that places itself among the daily rent a car type and the long renting type.


Choosing over a pre-existing fleet, the customer gets a car for a duration of 12, 18 or 24 months.


Payment of the monthly fee let the customer enjoy the car and the services related: planned and extraordinary maintenance, car tax, tewnty-four-hour road assistance, summer and winter tyres, insurances CR, Fire and Theft, Kasko, Driver Personal Insurance.


Midterm renting represents the ideal transition way for all those people that need a vehicle for a medium  span of time but that don't want, aiming to satisfy this need, to buy on one, as it would be a too much expensive investment in respect of the necessity.


At the same time, it represents a good approach to the more complete and convenient form of renting a car, that is the long term renting: as described in the related  section, the long term renting commits the customer for a minimum period of 24 months up to a maximum of 60 months. It is, nowadays, the most advantageous form of possession of cars and vans, however companies and private individuals still show a little reluctance towards this tipical Anglo-Saxon  model of agreement.


The midterm renting is the ideal waytrough to start to taste the long renting advantages, beeing bind, in the same time,  for a time not too difficult to sustain. Have a look at our offers.


For further information and / or for a quotation contact us.



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